We are providing tyre management services to fleet owner (heavy commercial vehicle) for getting better mileage.


FLEECA STANDS FOR FLEEt Care. Our moto is to provide the highest level of services to our customers. The logistic industry is very important for economic growth of our country and we are a part of this growth sector.

“ Tyre is technology not a commodity ”

Fuel and tyre many lays a pivotal role in this sector . We cater towards improving the efficiency and effective of the tyre through innovative & niche technology solutions.

Advance tyre management system plays a very important factor towards ensuring the safety of our vehicle, improving mileage of tyre in addition to this we also support in remove the Burdon onto environmentand which facilitate the reduction of fuel cost of the vehicle.

Tyre Management Service for Commercial Vehicle Operator

Track Tyre

Using RFID Tyre tags to track tyre diving its entire lifecycle.

Air Pressure

Air Pressure will majorly effect tyre breakdown environment and safety. The average loss range from 10% to 30% cost.

NSD (Non Skid Depth)

NSD less than 1.6 mm for four wheeler and other tyres are makes it unsafe to drive. So regular check is required.

Wear Tear

Preventive care of tyre will reduce the wear & tear.

Mechanical Defects

Many Truck crashes arise due to negligence, but sometimes a crash is caused by a mechanical failure or malfunction.


Initial Inspection

Fleeca retread technicians are known for their intense analysis


Today’s buffers are extremely accurate and will remove the proper amount of old rubber while turning the tyre to an exact specified diameter and radius.


The repair station is where any surface injury is treated using effective material and tools for grinding and patching.

Extrusion & Tread Building

Tyre tread, or the portion of the tyre that comes in contact with the road, consists of tread itself, tread shoulder, and tread base

Enveloping & Curing

Before a tyre is cured, it first receives a curing envelope to ensure

As a Services

Tyre Selection

Selection of tyre depend on Load, Road conditions, Vehicle Type and Axle Position.


Periodical Inspection of tyre will affect tyre performance and better care.

Repair & Maintenance

Sending all the worn tyres in the maintenance process and repairing all the faults.


Re-manufacturing process for tyres that replace the tread on worn tyres. Retreading is applied to the worn casings of tyres.


Reusing the worned tyres and making them re usable.


Less wear allows tyres to last up to 15% longer than before. This means more miles driven on each tyre, less time spent replacing tyres and saving on operational cost of tyre.

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